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Urethane materials come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. These materials are suitable for both industrial and hobby purposes. 

Urethane Rubbers 

These materials are remarkably easy to use, as you can pour, brush, or spray them. As they cure, they don't noticeably shrink, enabling them to reproduce fine details to exacting specifications. Urethane rubbers are affordable and work well for casting concrete, gypsum, wax and more. 

Urethane Resins 

Urethane Resins are also known as liquid plastic casting resins, these materials are available in both rigid and semi-rigid styles. Their applications vary widely, and you'll see them in use in industrial, art and DIY or hobby projects. You'll typically use urethane resins to make detailed models, prototypes, or industrial parts. To customize your creations even further, you also have the option of adding a variety of colours and fillers to achieve your desired effect. 

Urethane Coatings 

Urethane coatings can be combined with fillers and colours as well. You can then brush them over 3-D prints and other items to protect the surface and make your piece more durable. These flexible materials bond to many different types of surfaces, making them a versatile addition to your material arsenal.  Reach out to our team at any time for help selecting urethane materials for your project or purchase urethane resins online. 

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