Candle making kit

  • $ 255.50

    Complete candle making kit

    This kit includes a little bit of everything that you need to make your own professional quality molded candles.

    10 lbs. Blended Pillar Wax
    1 Seamless aluminum melting pot
    1 Thermometer
    1 Pillar Candle Mold
    1 Wick Pin
    1 Mold Seal
    8 votive molds
    3 tart floater molds
    100 Pretabbed Votive Wicks
    10 each 2/0 Pretabbed Pillar Wicks
    10 Assorted Flutter Dyes
    10 Assorted Bottles of Scent
    100 Burning Instruction Labels
    1 stirring stick
    1 Basic Candle Making Starter Book
    Easy to follow, step-by-step instruction sheets.

  • $ 75.50

    Container candle making kit

    Kit Includes:
    5# Single Pour Container wax
    10 Glass Containers (jars may vary from picture)
    10 Pre-tabbed Wicks
    4 Flutter Dyes (4 different colors)
    4 oz. Scent
    Wooden Wick Bars
    Wick setting straw
    Stirring Stick
    Burning Instruction Labels
    Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction sheet.

  • $ 72.50

    Soy candle making kit

    Great for beginners and no experience necessary! Includes all the supplies you need to make your own clean burning, highly-scented soy container candles.

    Kit Includes:
    3 lbs. Soy Wax
    8 Jars
    8 Pre-Tabbed Wicks
    4 Flutter Dye colors
    4 bottles of Scent
    8 Burning Instruction Labels
    1 Wick Setting Tube
    8 Wooden Wick Bars
    1 Stirring Stick
    Instruction Sheet