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PChrome 25 SF Artist Starter Kit


Expected release date is 2022 Jun 30th

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Product Overview

PChrome 25 Artister Starter Kit is the ideal spray chrome kit for interior and exterior designers, hobbyists and artists. Express your creativity on almost any surface such as wood, metal, plastic, concrete, or anything else that can be painted.

You can reproduce right at home, in your workshop, or garage, a chrome look on nearly any substrate, and without the need for a compressor. PChrome gives 100% of the gleam at about 25% of the cost.

Included in this kit your will find the following equipment and materials:

Standard PChrome Spray Bottle (2 Chamber Manual) – Two chamber manual spray bottle for applying silver and reducer solution 1 ea Sale  
Standard PChrome Spray Bottle (1 Chamber Manual) – PChrome single chamber manual spray bottle; chemical resistant leak-proof for D and W solutions 3 ea Sale  
Standard PChrome R 1 oz – PChrome R, 1 oz bottle 1 ea Sale  
Standard PChrome W Solution (4 oz) – PChrome W Solution (4 oz) 1 ea Sale  
Standard #87 Degreaser Solution (4 oz) – #87 Degreaser Solution (4 oz) 1 4 oz bottl Sale  
Standard Permalac 2K High Gloss 2 Pint Kit – Permalac 2K High Gloss 2 Pint Kit 1 ea Sale  
Standard Violet Compensating Tint 1 oz – PChrome Violet Compensating tint ,1 oz 1 1 oz Sale  
Standard PChrome Pipettes (3 mL) – 3 ml pipettes 10 ea Sale  
Standard PChrome Instructions Guide – PChrome Instructions Guide 1 ea Sale  
Standard PChrome Rinse Water Pump Sprayer – PChrome rinse water half-gallon reservoir pump sprayer for DI water 1 ea Sale  
Standard PChrome D Solution (1 Oz) – PChrome D Solution (1 Oz) 1 ea Sale  
Standard PChrome S Solution (1 oz) – PChrome S Solution (1 oz) 1 oz Sale  
Standard PChrome Preval ProPack – Powered paint spraying system Includes 2 chargers, two paint cups, and one V-Grip sprayer handle 1 ea Sale  
Standard PChrome Instructions Guide – PChrome Instructions Guide 1 ea Sale  

1) Double bottle sprayer for simultaneous application of PChrome S and PChrome R solutions

2) Three single bottle sprayers. These bottles are used for applying the PChrome D, W, and rinse water.

3) Measuring Cups and pipettes. Use these to measure your chemicals. Do not cross contaminate! Each cup should be used for only one type of chemical.

4) One Preval Propack paint spraying kit. Use for applying your 2K basecoat and top coat.

5) PChrome S, PChrome R, PChrome D, #87 Degreaser, PChrome W, Permalac 2KA, Permalac 2KB,  and violet compensating tint. All the material you need to create 25 square feet of PChrome!

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