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NSP Clay

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NSP Clay
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Product Overview

NSP (Non Sulfurated Plasteline)

NSP is a line of professional, sulfur free sculpting clays. Replacing sulphur minimizes difficulties associated to mold making with silicone rubber. used by the Special Effects and Fine Arts industries. It holds exceptional surface details and is somewhat waxier and tougher than other Chavant products. NSP can be melted and poured at approximately 185°F.

Available in Soft, Medium and Hard 

How To Melting NSP Clay

Most of Chavant’s non-sulfur clays can be melted. Depending on formula and consistency the heated material can be brushed onto an armature and in some cases, poured into a mold or even sprayed, although the equipment and advice required to spray is not widely available. It is recommended to heat the clay in a double boiler, a crock pot or some other controllable heat source. Over-heating the clay is not recommended. Excessive temperature can cause the components to scorch or separate, a situation that may or may not be recoverable. Always test your method in advance

NSP can be brushed at 180°F and poured at 185°F. When cooled, the clay tends to feel harder than the original but can be kneaded back to a firmness and consistency similar to the original clay. Repeated cycle of melting and cooling will eventually cause irreversible hardening

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