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Mold Star 16 FAST

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Mold Star 16 FAST
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Product Overview

Mold Star rubbers are easy to use platinum silicones which are mixed 1A:1B by volume .Mold Star silicones cure to soft, strong rubbers which are tear resistant and exhibit very low long term shrinkage. Mold Star silicones feature relatively low viscosities and vacuum degassing is not required for most applications Molds made with Mold Star will last a long time in your mold library and are good for casting wax, gypsum, resins, concrete and is suitable for casting low-temperature melt metal alloys. 450°F (232°C) heat resistant when Cured.. (No weighing scale necessary)

Note: THI-VEX is NOT compatible with Mold Star rubbers Note: This product will not work with modeling clays containing sulfur under any circumstances. Mold Star 15 SLOW is 50 minutes and cure time is 4 hours at room temperature Mold Star® 16 FAST is a faster material with a 6 minute pot life and 30 minute cure time Mold Star30 is a harder material, with 30A Shore hardness.

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