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Must Be at Least 12 Years Old to Enter Facility
Must Be at Least 18 Years Old to Attend Training Events



Rubbers, plastics, and foams are often used in the medical industry. From training up-and-coming doctors to actually treating patients, you'll see these and other common material types in use in medical clinics, emergency response vehicles, med schools and more. At Viking Plastics, we are proud to serve this key industry, helping medical professionals continue their valuable work to keep people healthy and well. 

Training Applications  

Medical schools have a virtually unending need for realistic training aids to help aspiring doctors practice their newly acquired skills without the risk of treating live patients. With our materials, med schools can create life-like replicas of human body parts, right down to the texture and colour, making it easy for students to gain the valuable experience they'll need to progress in their studies.  

Practical Applications  

Our materials can be put to good use in the real world as well. From creating custom prosthetics to producing wound care products, our durable, non-hazardous materials are the ideal choice. Of course, the products and materials that we recommend for medical use are all non-toxic and completely safe for human use.  

We welcome your questions about the many materials we have in stock, so get in touch with us right away if you need assistance in making your selections.  

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