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The film industry utilizes plastics, resins, silicone, and other moulding materials frequently. Through models and special effects makeup, among other techniques, film and television creators are able to develop realistic sets, props, costumes and more, making it easier for viewers to get lost in the fantasy the writers and actors have created. 

Special Effects Supplies 

At Viking Plastics, we are dedicated to helping special effects makeup artists create the perfect look for their films through prosthetics, masks, and other appliances. With our skin-safe silicone rubbers, your makeup team will be able to create realistic-looking wounds and scars, imagine alien races, and even alter the appearance of an actor's age. 

Prop Development 

From realistic weapons to miniature city models, filmmakers can use liquid plastics to create a vast range of props for their movies and TV shows. With these versatile materials, you'll be able to replicate just about anything you'd find in the real world, making it easy to create detailed sets and visual experiences at affordable costs that fit within the production's budget. 

The Viking Plastics is always here to help you choose the right materials for the job, whether in the film and entertainment industry or otherwise. Reach out today to get started. 

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