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Educational settings are prime locations for plastic and resin materials, and you'll find everything you need right here at Viking Plastics. In educational environments, moulds and models are common, enabling students to get hands-on, practical experience in a variety of disciplines. 

With our plastics, resins, and other materials, you'll be able to develop and create molds with a mold making kit so that you can create miniature, enlarged and even life-size reproductions of just about anything you can think of. This way, students can practice new skills with minimal risk of complications. 

Depending on the type of model you are making, you may even be able to make a functional version using our materials, rather than just a static replica. This will enable you to enhance students' learning even further as they are able to practice in as close to a real-life setting as possible. 

If you need assistance in choosing the best materials for the type of models you'd like to create in your educational environment, our friendly team members are here to help. We'll guide you in narrowing down your choices to the perfect materials to ensure the success of your project. Be sure to get in touch with us right away for anything you need.


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