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Glass Beads

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Glass Beads


Product Description


There is a wide range of applications for lightweight concrete. Structural lightweight concrete gets its reduced weight from Poraver® and it is used for components and wall and floor elements. Depending on the formulation, the compressive strength of regular concrete according to DIN 1045 can be achieved. Load-bearing parts can be designed with slimmer dimensions since the dead weight of the overlying component parts determine their dimensions. This offers a new degree of design freedom in building construction, civil engineering and bridge construction.


Poraver® is the preferred lightweight aggregate for dry mortar and construction chemical products. The innovative lightweight filler with its positive characteristics meets even the most demanding product requirements. Poraver® is ideally suited for combination with lime, cement and other binders. Its spherical grain shape and low density optimize the formulation as well as the material properties of your products.

Poraver® is the ideal basis for various types of panels. The low weight, high rigidity and easy processing in particular have made high-quality lightweight panels, kitchen worktops, acoustic panels and facade carrier boards with Poraver® very popular. Panels with Poraver® can do even more: They are not sensitive to heat and cold, highly resistant to humidity and they have very good acoustic properties.


The terms “mineral casting” and “polymer concrete” are sometimes used synonymously. A grading curve which also contains coarse aggregates (larger than 4 mm) is used below for polymer concrete. In mineral casting, rather fine and high-quality fillers are used. This also yields a variety of applications.
Conventional mineral casting and polymer concrete structural components generally have rather high densities (2000 – 2300 kg/m³) because of their mineral fill. When Poraver® is used, the thickness of such building components can be reduced by up to 70 %.


Poraver® is a suitable replacement for traditional resin fillers such as Calcium Carbonate and other engineered mineral filler systems. Poraver®’s various size ranges and choice of grades gives thermoset product engineers great flexibility when designing and formulating resin mixtures and slurries. 


Poraver® expanded glass is purely mineral and poses no environmental or health-related risks and is ideal for fills with sustainable characteristics. Compared to expanded polystyrene, PORAVER® is non-combustible and unproblematic in later disposal. The spherical granules are very lightweight and yet pressure-resistant. They are free of harmful materials such as VOC or fibres, stable over the long term, can be easily processed and do not offer a breeding ground for pests and mold. Poraver® granules can be used as loose bulk thermal insulation and as cement- or resin-bound fill for pressure loading  requirements.

Our lightweight Poraver® expanded glass is an ideal 3D printing material. The small spheres have only 20 % of the weight of sand and can be used in the common additive production process with 3D powder bed printers with a variety of binders, in selective laser sintering (SLS) or for the concrete 3D printing (contour crafting). With its low density and high strength, Poraver® promises a significant reduction in the weight of printed shapes and large parts. Areas of application include prototyping, the production of components as well as direct mold making. Poraver® is also particularly suitable as an aggregate for the 3D printing of concrete. Entire buildings can be easily produced in this way with integrated insulation.


Automotive engineering calls for materials with a light weight and high strength along with predefined deformation properties. Innovative mineral foam composites with Poraver® expanded glass granules in a plastic or metal matrix meet this requirement and are used as a support core in hybrid crash absorber structures or in lightweight chassis. This is based on the use of fillers with a high pore volume which function as placeholders in a matrix and which thus make a low-density material possible.


Poraver®, as a structural grain, gives modern wall paints something extra. A variety of surface appearances and textures are possible, depending on the grain size. The coatings made with Poraver® can be easily applied using a wipe, brush or spatula technique. Because of its stable, lightweight and round grain, Poraver® is ideally suitable for this application as a texture component. Wallpapers can also be finished with white or colored Poraver® to create distinctive surfaces.

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