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Fillers have a wide range of uses in the materials realm, and we offer a vast selection to meet the needs of your various projects. Whether you are working with plastics, resins, wood, or even stone materials, we have just the right filler to help you achieve your desired effect.  

When using casting resins and plastics, fillers are great for altering the properties of the base materials. For example, you might wish to infer increased hardness and durability for pieces that will experience heavy use. Similarly, you may want to make the material lighter so that it is easier to move. Fillers can help you achieve a variety of goals, so it is wise to browse through the full selection to ensure you are able to find exactly what you are looking for.  

Many fillers can also alter the finish of your material, giving it a different overall look. You can change the colour or add unique visual effects. These types of fillers work with a variety of base materials, including metal, stone, marble, wood, and porcelain, among others.  

Our team is here to help with whatever you need, so feel free to reach out for help in selecting the appropriate fillers and other materials for your project.  

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