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Duratec 707-002 Gray Primer

Duratec 707-002 Gray Primer


Product Description

The ultimate High-Gloss surface primer for wood, MDF, tooling board and composite plugs, patterns and models. Unique air-cure technology for fast cure even with thin coats. Easy to sand, polish to a gloss. Take a mold directly off the Surface Primer or topcoat for the highest gloss.

ecommended Uses: • Surface coat for plugs/ patterns for composite tooling. • Easy Sanding High-Build Primer for composite parts. • High Build, Fast Sanding Primer perfectly smooth surfaces • A substitute for sanding gelcoat -epoxy laminates or pinhole-free surfaces. • Highly crosslinked coating providing excellent chemical resistance Features: Low Porosity- provides a super fine leveling and filling system. Applied properly, Surface Primer provides a porosity-free surface without pinholes or defects.

Adhesion to most epoxies- with heat distortion level of 200° F/93 C the primer also adheres to fiberglass, wood, MDF, brick, concrete and polyurethane foam. Rapid Buildup- up to 40 mils 1000 microns, wet on wet, on composite plugs and master mold surfaces. Save time and labor. Easy Sanding-also saves time and labor. The primer cures to a surface that polishes to a gloss.

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