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Concrete is a commonly used material in a vast range of settings, from construction and industrial applications to art and hobbies. In addition to concrete additives and specialty mixes, we also provide the ideal materials for concrete casting. 

Concrete Additives and Mixes 

When it comes to using concrete in various projects, you may not always need standard concrete. Our selection includes a wide range of products, including concrete additives and specialty bagged mixes, to help you customize concrete to suit your unique needs. Our high-performance concrete materials are designed to help you achieve your goals as effectively as possible. 

Concrete Casting Materials

If you need to make moulds into which to pour concrete, smooth-on liquid rubber products are an excellent choice. These materials are easy to use, resist abrasion and exhibit excellent tear resistance. This makes them suitable for creating concrete moulds and forms, as well as texture and stamping mats. You can apply them right at your job site, making it easy to get your projects done where you need them to minimize moving heavy concrete from one location to another.  Get in touch with our expert concrete artisans today to learn more about the products in this category and select those that will best meet your needs. 

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