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Bulk Chemicals

Bulk Chemicals

Chemicals fall under a somewhat unique category within the Viking Plastics product lineup, given that they have so many diverse potential uses. Whatever goal you are trying to accomplish in your project, it is highly likely that we have the perfect chemical to get the job done. Best of all, we offer these chemicals in bulk, so you'll always have a steady supply of your preferred chemical available when you need it most. 

Our chemical offerings have a wide range of uses in many different types of projects. For example, many chemicals are great for cleaning up your work area. They are capable of breaking down resins, paints, putty, grease, ink, oil and more, making them much easier to clean up, saving you from having to scrub vigorously to get the same results. 

Other chemicals in our arsenal can alter the properties of your other materials. Some chemical additives can speed up the resin-curing process, saving you time on your projects. Others can boost hardness or otherwise alter the properties of your resins and plastics. 

Our friendly associates will be happy to help you better understand the properties of our various bulk chemicals. We'll help ensure you get just what you need for your project. 

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