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Aphix & Novocs Gloss 8oz kit

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Product Overview

APHIX™ Silicone Adhesion Promoter will temporarily adhere most surgical tapes, bandages, dressings, etc. to silicone rubber surfaces including training mannequins, devices, etc.

This non-VOC formula is a low viscosity liquid that brushes on easily and dries quickly. One application lasts for repeated use.

APHIX™ Silicone Adhesion Promoter can be removed with NOVOCS™ GLOSS silicone solvent.


Important: Shake APHIX™ Silicone Adhesion Promoter container well before using.
Preparation - Clean the silicone surface with NOVOCS™ GLOSS silicone solvent to remove any oils which may affect the bond of the APHIX™ adhesion. Allow surface to dry for 2 minutes.

 - APHIX™ Silicone Adhesion Promoter can be applied using a cotton swab, non-latex sponge or small fine bristle brush.
Apply adhesive to the silicone surface. Allow APHIX™ Silicone Adhesion Promoter to dry for 10 minutes. APHIX™ Silicone Adhesion Promoter will not work unless it has thoroughly dried. Be sure to the securely replace cap after each use as contents will evaporate.
Once APHIX™ Silicone Adhesion Promoter has dried, apply the adhesive surgical tape, bandage or dressing.
One application of APHIX™ Silicone Adhesion Promoter lasts for repeated use.
Removal of APHIX™ - APHIX™ Silicone Adhesion Promoter can be removed using NOVOCS™ GLOSS silicone solvent.


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