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Viking Plastics


Viking Plastics Ltd is a distributor of fiberglass supplies, mold rubbers and casting resins that has been serving western Canada with quality materials and great service since 1992. We have an informed and knowledgeable staff who are always available to help you select the products you need for your projects. Our materials have been used in museums, art galleries, movies, stage plays, taxidermy displays, outdoor sculptures and in many do-it-yourself projects.

Why choose Viking Plastics?

  • We have a full line of prototyping, mold-making, props and materials
  • We offer extensive product knowledge
  • We have over 35 years of combined team experience
  • We feature the newest products available
  • We can source products for your requirements
  • We’re a stocking distributor so products are readily available
  • We provide manufacturing after prototyping stage

Viking Plastics provide services to:

Artists, Sculptors, Handymen, Taxidermists, Museums, Schools, Industrial Designers, Producers of Ornamental Concrete and Plaster, Art Students, Movie Makers, Stage Designers, Farmers, Candle Makers, Boat/Canoe Builders and FRP Shops.

We are a fiberglass supplier in Edmonton.  Viking plastics is a distributor of mold robbers, plastics carbon fiber

Viking Plastics Products

VytaFlex 50
VytaFlex 50
CAD $23.50
PMC -780
PMC -780
CAD $34.02
Plasti-Pasti Trowelable Plastic
Plasti-Pasti Trowelable Plastic
CAD $38.44
Flex Foam iT IV
Flex Foam iT IV
CAD $22.69
EcoFlex Gel
EcoFlex Gel
CAD $35.73
Chopped Strand Mat 3 oz. 50"Roll
Chopped Strand Mat 3 oz. 50
CAD $240.00
Chopped Strand Mat 1 oz. 50" Roll
Chopped Strand Mat 1 oz. 50
CAD $200.68
Boat cloth 4 0z 50" Roll
Boat cloth 4 0z 50
CAD $550.00
Air Dry Wax
Air Dry Wax
CAD $13.29